Wild Rosy

Seductive, charming, mysterious.

Wild Rosy wins top honey wine in 2015 Alberta Beverage Awards and judges selection in 2016.

Wild Rosy is Spirit Hills semi-sweet rose wine made with our provincial flower: the wild rose.  Both honey and rose flowers were historically highly valued aphrodisiacs.  In this drink we have combined both to create the ultimate seducing wine.

The wine has a shimmering coral rose color.  As the glass approaches, the aroma of the entire rose bush will greet you,  yet subtle, not perfume like, but just as natural as walking through a field with wild flower blossoms.  The freshness of the wine greets you and is followed by the velvety softness and taste of rose flower petals.  It warms you up and leaves a finish that is seducing, mysterious, and earthy, and brings images of rose flowers and love.

Best served chilled.

Here is what Tara Petersen, I.S.G. Sommelier says about it:


Very shimmery.  Off rose.  Coral. 


Rose petals, honey, heavy stone fruit aroma, plum and apricots.


Nice balance.  Good acidity, moderate fruit. Nice balanced length, peachy, silky and round.  Good food wine, but nice to drink on its own.  Pairs well with fruit salads and desserts.

Yes another glass please 🙂


A food lab in Edmonton has analyzed Wild Rosy for its minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The antioxidant results were so off the scale the lab retested the wine to make sure their results were correct. Red wine is known for its antioxidants and a 5 ounce glass contains on average 320 mg of polyphenol antioxidants. Wild Rosy contains 29,600 mg of polyphenol antioxidants in a 5 ounce glass, or the equivalent of 90 glasses of red wine.

Food pairings:

Wild Rosy pairs well with desserts or afternoon sweets, specifically anything chocolate, like chocolate cake or chocolate mouse. It is also an amazing cheese pairing wine all around, but is particularly nice with stronger cheeses like a blue cheese or aged cheddar. And then there is Asian food. There probably isn’t a much more versatile food pairing wine for Asian dishes as recognized by renowned Japanese sommeliers You can pair it with sushi, curry, peanut sauces, teriyaki, and earthy and spicy foods. On its own it is a great sipping wine for warm summer days or before or after dinner.

Spirit Hills Wine Cocktails

Wild Rosy – served over ice!

– 2 parts Wild Rosy

– 1 part Sprite

– 1/2 part amber rum (not spiced)

– 1/2 part of orange juice

– serve over ice and enjoy!