The Trail

Explore the Spirit Hills

The Trail

As a token of our gratitude towards our most loyal customers, the Ambassador Club Members, we want to share with you the magic of our land and our way of life.  The Trail along the Spirit Hills can only be accessed by private invitation or on Alberta’s Open Farm days. 


A One of a Kind History

The Spirit Hills

The Spirit Hills are located along a trail that used to connect the Stoney and the Blood First Nations. The Kary family were among the first settlers in our region in the late 1,800’s. They built the dam that created rat lake, a muskrat fur farm, at the foot of the Spirit Hills. For decades every fall and spring First Nations travelers stopped at their farm. They shared meals and had a good relationship. But when nightfall came they always rode off into the Spirit Hills.

A One of a Kind Hike

The Trail

The Spirit Hills trail is a journey of gratitude for the gifts of life. It will take you to places to contemplate the feats of civilization, the depths of your own strength, the dreams of your heart, the joys and struggles of life, and the essence of what it means to be you. If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of deer, elk or moose or maybe even a faery or an unveiled piece of your soul.

A One of a Kind Forest

The Old Growth Forest

The trail will take you through pastures and the enchanted old growth enchanted forest.  You will come along lake views, the vineyard and mountain views.  Along the way you will meet several of our +100 year old trees. They all have names and will make you contemplate different aspects of life.  Among them Old man (picture left) , who is +120 years old will share his wisdom and Sleepy Hollow (picture below), will challenge you to use rational thought.

A One of a Kind Memory

The Facts

  • The Trail is dotted with benches
  • Elevation change 52 meters
  • Hike without stopping 1 hour
  • Map, audio guide and trail guide will be provided
  • Emergency radio and bear spray will be provided
  • Only 1 car with max 8 people per invitation
  • Dogs allowed but have to be on leash
  • The Trail will open-up some time mid-May
  • Booking schedule only visible to Ambassadors