Winter’s Glow

What keeps us warms on even the coldest of days.

A cold winter’s day, friends gathering around the fire, skates on the ice, and to warm up a cup of warm Winter’s Glow in our hands.  The wine, served warm (but not boiled), fills our senses with the nourishing caress of cloves and cinnamon, while its heat nurtures our hands.  Earthy, yet heavenly, the first sip warms up our body, it puts new life in us and makes us cheer with friends on even the whitest of days.  Never has there been a drink more fit for cold northern countries.  Let its sweetness embrace you and the fruit and honey from which it is made nourish you and any cold winter’s day.


Winter’s Glow is one of our seasonal wines and will be available again by December 2013.   Many people pre-order our seasonal wines to make sure that get a case or half case.  You can place your pre-order by email or phone.