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Join the Spirit Hills wine club
to get access to discounts and perks.

Three Membership Levels

Benefits of Wine Club Members:

Loyalty is Rewarded

1. Automatically receive the Spirit Hills newsletters.

2. Receive a free winery tour with first online 6 pack order. ($60 value)

3. Receive Spirit Hills cocktail recipes

4. Receive Spirit Hills cooking recipes

5. Exclusive access to our wine specials

COVID-19 Special: Free membership.  Simply create a profile and get access to extra discounts and perks. 

Membership normally requires a purchase of a 12-pack of Spirit Hills flower wines.  The purchase of two 12-packs within one year gives automatic entry into the Ambassadors Club.  With Covid-19 you can immediately enter the Ambassadors Club with the purchase of one 12-pack.

Benefits of Ambassador Club Members:

Be a Part of Us

All the benefits of Wine Club members plus

1. Free winery tours for 12 people with first online 12-pack order. ($120 value)

2. Reduced price on all Spirit Hills wines purchases at $19.50 on the website or direct from the winery

3. Private group tours (booked via phone call).


COVID-19 Special: Set-up a profile, sign in and order a 12-pack of Spirit Hills flower wines and automatically enter the Ambassadors Club.  To maintain Ambassador Club status, members need to buy a minimum of two 12-packs within the 12 months of becoming a club member. 

Our most most loyal and committed customers

Diamond Club

All the benefits of Wine Club Members, Ambassadors plus exclusive access to:

1. Invitation to annual flower and/or bee experiences in the Foothills led by one of the family members.

2. Exclusive private invitation to The Trail at Spirit Hills.

3. 15% discount on special flower wines

4. Annual gift with first online order of the year: (ball cap, pour spout, corkscrew or cookbook – $25 value)


Membership Details: This is our way of saying thank you to our customers that order a minimum of 4 full cases a year.