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drink Flower wine

Spirit Hills crafts one of a kind award winning flower wines that share the purity of the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and give our customers exquisite culinary wine experiences, joy, romance and relaxation befit to a truly extraordinary life. We know how difficult and random it can be to find a truly memorable and exquisite wine. That is why at Spirit Hills, the Bonjean’s, who hail from generations of French winemakers, layered the flavour elements of traditional grape wine into unforgettable new wines crafted from the wildflowers of their terroir.

Exquisite Culinary Experiences

Alberta craft, Rocky Mountain flavour!

Spirit Hills crafts a variety of seducing flower wines including red, white, rose, sangria and mulled wine. They are each praised for their body, complexity, structure and a long velvety smooth finish from Europe to Asia and North America. Spirit Hills flower wines are served in some of the best fine dining restaurants in the world, among them Michelin star restaurants.

Lingering cocktail memories

The magic of flower wine cocktails.

Flower wines create a new dimension for signature cocktails with their exquisite aroma and seducing, unique flavour. Fine dining restaurants and cocktail bars have crafted bestselling cocktails for their discerning customers.

Top Sommeliers & Chefs

Give High Praise.

“The way Spirit Hills manages to craft such structure and balance with flowers, honey and berries is impressive. I thought this could only be achieved with grapes. ” Éric Beaumard, winner of best sommelier in France and Europe, and vice-champion of the world. Fine dining manager, Hôtel George V, Paris, France and the 3-star Michelin restaurant, Le Cinq. “It is incredible how with flowers and honey you can almost reach the entire flavour experience of wine. A complex aroma, medium dry arrival in beautiful balance with acidity and lots of length.” 2-star Michelin chef Michael Vrijmoed and owner of Restaurant Vrijmoed in Belgium.

“Spirit Hills crafts flower wines that are truly unique in the world. We are proud to feature them throughout our properties at Pursuit Collection. Not only are the wines delicious but they tell a story of who we are and what we do best regionally in Alberta.” – Tristan MacLaggan, Director of Hospitality, Pursuit Collection.

“The Spirit Hills portfolio of wines transported me to my early childhood by teasing my senses with distinctive flavors and aromas inspired by nature. The perfect balance of flowers and honey makes each bottle of wine unique, memorable, and fun to pair with food.” – Christopher Pageaud, Director Food & Beverage, Waldorf Astoria, Las Vegas.

European Heritage

Alberta Roots

Spirit Hills is family owned and operated by the Bonjean family which hails from a lineage of French winemakers with still existing vineyards in the centre of France. In 1997, they settled with their 3 children in the Rocky Mountain Foothills and have lived off the land ever since. The Bonjean’s grow all of their own food organically and can, dry, freeze and cold store it all. From their love of the land grew a most unique flower winery and flower wines, which are truly rooted in Alberta’s culture and identity. Here is a peak into Spirit Hills. The Bonjean’s story has been covered on multiple television programs in English, Dutch/Flemish and Taiwanese (at 32:52). The winery is open for tours and tastings.

One of a Kind Process

Quality, quality and quality. At every level. From quality wildflower nectar, to quality harvest teams, to quality grown black currants and hand picked dandelion flower petals. When the goal is to craft the most exquisite and unique flower wines, no effort is too much.


At Spirit Hills bees are highly valued team members. Spirit Hills works with beekeepers who keep bees that are well adapted to the Rocky Mountain Foothills climate


The bees harvest the nectar, from the wildflowers, they dry it and store it in the form of honey. The delicate flower petals used in the wines are handpicked.


In the cellar we rehydrate the honey and turn it into its liquid nectar state. This is what we ferment. For red wines black currants are treated like grape skins. White and roses are infused with delicate aromatic flower petals.


Some flower wines age in oak barrels while others age in either stainless steel or the bottle. Spirit Hills has a fully automated bottling line and uses the highest quality of cork and packaging materials. Everything is sterilized with steam

Our Flower Wine